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I used the following commands in the process of enabling remote mySQL access to my db (along with the typical required my.cnf) changes:

mysql> update db set Host='' where Db='yourdatabasename';
mysql> update user set Host='' where user='yourdatabaseUsername';

How do I reverse this back to a configuration that does not allow external connections?

I'm getting uneasy about the idea of having this setup this way and don't want to create a security issue. Also are there any recommended tools I can use to scan my mySQL implementation for security holes that might be caused by misconfigurations?

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If I'm not mistaken, you can simply execute the commands but with "localhost" as the Host='localhost' parameter.

mysql> update db set Host='localhost' where Db='yourdatabasename';
mysql> update user set Host='localhost' where user='yourdatabaseUsername';

Further, here's some good information about securing your MySQL installation:


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