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Mysql uses B+ tree for implementing indexes. Lets say my primary index is of type (name, age, city). Can someone throw some light how Mysql implements a B+ tree on these kinds of keys ?

My hunch is that it treats the whole tuple as a key and it treats it like a partial order. Eg:

(John, 24, New Jersey) < (John, 24, New York) < (John, 25, New Jersey) < (John, 25, New York)

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(John, 24, New Jersey) < (John, 24, New York) < (John, 25, New Jersey) < (John, 25, New York)

Yes, that's why it is important in which order you lay out columns in a key.

The key won't be of any help if you do not look for values that can be satisfied from looking at the start of it - e.g. when you filter for age and/or city, but not for name, the key can't be used. On the other hand, if you'd filter for name only, the key would be used.

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