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I am wondering if there is a way to determine (given a variable containing a lambda) the number of parameters the lambda it contains. The reason being, I wish to call a function conditionally dependent on the number of parameters.

What I'm looking for

def magic_lambda_parameter_counting_function(lambda_function):
    """Returns the number of parameters in lambda_function

        lambda_function - A lambda of unknown number of parameters

So I can do something like

def my_method(lambda_function):

    # ... 
    # (say I have variables i and element)

    parameter_count = magic_lambda_parameter_counting_function(lambda_function)

    if parameter_count == 1:
    elif parameter_count == 2:
        lambda_function(i, element)
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I'm skipping the part about how to count the arguments, because I don't know how you want to consider varargs and keywords. But this should get you started.

>>> import inspect
>>> foo = lambda x, y, z: x + y + z
>>> inspect.getargspec(foo)
ArgSpec(args=['x', 'y', 'z'], varargs=None, keywords=None, defaults=None)
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Lambdas are functions like any other. The argument count is stored in func.__code__.co_argcount.

>>> foo = lambda x, y=2: x+y
>>> foo.__code__.co_argcount
>>> foo = lambda x, y=2, z=3: x+y+z
>>> foo.__code__.co_argcount
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+1 Great answer -- wish I could accept two answers. This is in fact how does it (looked up the source). – Anthony Sottile Jun 2 '12 at 19:50
But using inspect you get the "portable" functionality, seeing how the attribute's name changed from Python 2 to Python 3. – Mandx Jun 3 '12 at 2:52

From the documentation on callable types, the func_code attribute of functions contains a code object, and from the inspect module documentation on code objects there is a co_argcount member that contains the number of arguments (not including * or ** args).

So the best way to get this information from a lambda function (or any function) is to use func.func_code.co_argcount:

>>> foo = lambda a, b, *args, **kwargs: None
>>> foo.func_code.co_argcount
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