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I want to keep a hyperlink in the page which takes me to another page in the same document.I am not sure how to do this.Can anyone help me ?

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I can't believe I'm linking to Yahoo Answers, but it's a good one:

How do you make internal links in Microsoft Word?

In general, you can link to a point in the document by setting a bookmark there, then inserting a hyperlink to the bookmark at the jump-from point. To set a bookmark in Word 2002 (XP) and the adjacent versions:

  1. Click exactly where you want the bookmark to be in the text.
  2. Click the Insert->Bookmark menu item.
  3. Give the bookmark a name.
  4. Click Add.

To insert a hyperlink to a bookmark,

  1. Click the Insert->Hyperlink menu item.
  2. Click the Place In This Document panel.
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