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I'm customizing color scheme, and almost everything working right. Except command output tab is showing errors in red italic font, color settings for which I cannot find anywhere! In font&color settings there are "fonts", "colors", "common syntax", "lang-specific" and "indicators" tabs, with drop-down selectors. There is not one option that has red italic color assigned!! Default font is white on blue. Where could I find color settings for command output errors?

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Well, nobody is answering, and I found a hack that helps. It seems, that there's really no gui menu option for error text color in command output, but there is setting in .ksf file for it. I changed manually line that says

'Errors': {'Error lines': {'fore': 65535, 'hotspot': 1, 'italic': 0}},

where 'fore' is the foreground color, 'italic' is italic font, to what I wanted, and it worked. I suppose, 'hotspot' means it's clickable, but I don't sure/don't care now.

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If anyone is on MacOS and is wondering, I found my customized scheme .KSF file in ~/Library/Application Support/KomodoEdit/{version}/schemes/{name}.ksf – theraccoonbear Nov 22 '13 at 15:55

I know this is kinda late from the original post but I stumbled on this one while searching for this problem, it led me to the hint as to where to look in the GUI.

In version Komodo 9.0+

  • Preferences > Colour Scheme
  • Select the tab 'Language Specific'
  • Select the 'Language Errors' (underneath Others)

The Element type Error lines seems to reflect STDERR

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