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I deployed an application on Heroku and I used a folder to place all my files inside thus now my application is only accesible from:


Is it possible to create a virtual root to point

http://myapp.heroku.com -> http://myapp.heroku.com/app/ ?

Something similar to Apache VirtualHost?:

  ServerAdmin webmaster@host.foo.com
  DocumentRoot /www/docs/host.foo.com
  ServerName host.foo.com
  ErrorLog logs/host.foo.com-error_log
  TransferLog logs/host.foo.com-access_log

Thanks in advance.

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Yes you can configure the apache as well, however, this needs some changes on your system.

I've compiled a blog post recently that shows this (as the last part), it also shows how you can compile your own PHP extensions for heroku:

PHP on Heroku, again (by hakre; 20 May 2012)

It basically works by extending the standard configuration with your additional settings in another file. Look for the Configure the Webroot section, that's where it starts:

Now comes the next tricky part that is specifying the webroot. Specifying the webroot needs a little bit more work and background information. The CVBacklogs applications webroot in the git-tree is src/app/public. For Heroku, by default, the webroot is the root of the git-tree. That directory is internally mapped to /app/www btw. So what this needs is to create a so called Procfile that starts a sh-script each time the Heroku app web-node starts. That script then modifies the Apache configuration and includes your own config which is setting the webroot to /app/www/src/app/public. So we create the procfile, a config directory, the script and the Apache configuration. Ready?

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Thanks a lot mate. That's awesome. Thanks again. –  glarkou Jun 2 '12 at 21:14

You can't do anything with Apache / Nginx configuration on Heroku - these are all beyond your control. You could do some kind of php based redirect in the root folder to the /app folder or alternatively rejig the repo so app is the top level.

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Wrong, the cedar stack allows changing apache settings, see my answer –  hakre Jun 2 '12 at 21:09
I stand corrected - that's pretty cool! –  John Beynon Jun 3 '12 at 7:34
In case such is not possible (e.g. older/other platform/stack), it's possible to fake this with .htaccess and if mod_rewrite is available. Part of that is to mask .htaccess files as 404, you find a related question here: Requests to .htaccess should return 404 instead of 403 the other part I was not able to find quickly. –  hakre Jun 3 '12 at 8:09

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