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I run into an issue with rails-breadcrumb since i localized my application.

In my Controller, I've got this :

class FooController < PrivateController
  add_breadcrumb I18n.t('breadcrumbs.foo.index'), :foo_url  

When my breadcrumb is displayed, the localized string is always taken from en.yml, no matter which language i set up in I18n.locale

After having look at the code, it occurs that add_breadcrumbacts as a before_filter, and after some test, i came to the conclusion that, even if the content of add_breadcrumb has the right locale, it seems that the value passed does not.

If I try this :

add_breadcrumb I18n.t('breadcrumbs.foo.index', :locale => "fr"), :foo_url  

Everything goes fine.

How cas i force my string to be correctly localized?

Thank you per advance

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I finaly got this. After i determined that my issue cames out of the fact that I18n didn't know anything about my locale as i was asking it to translate something, i monkey-patched the rails-breadcrumb to manage the localization itself.

Know i pass a Symbol as first parameters, and i call I18n.translate() in rails-breadcrumb

add_breadcrumb (:'breadcrumbs.foo.index'), :foo_url  


# config/initializers/rails-breadcrumb-fix.rb
module Rails
  module Breadcrumbs

    class ActionController::Base


      def add_breadcrumb(name, url = '')
        @breadcrumbs ||= []
        # if given `name` is a Symbol, we localize it
        if name.is_a?(Symbol)
          name = I18n.t(name)
        url = send(url) if url.is_a?(Symbol)
        @breadcrumbs << [name, url]

      def self.add_breadcrumb(name, url, options = {})
        before_filter options do |controller|
          controller.send(:add_breadcrumb, name, url)


    module Helper

      def breadcrumbs(separator = "&rsaquo;")
        @breadcrumbs.map do |txt, path|
          link_to_unless (path.blank? || current_page?(path)), h(txt), path
        end.join(" #{separator} ").html_safe



ActionController::Base.send(:include, Rails::Breadcrumbs)
ActionView::Base.send(:include, Rails::Breadcrumbs::Helper)
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