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I need the metrics for the 14 standard PDF fonts.

I've download the following from Adobe, but it appears to use ISO-8859-1 encoding, rather than CP1252:

So it's missing code points 127 to 142 (for example, the ellipsis character).

Where can I download CP1252 versions of these Type1 fonts? Thanks.

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The 'Core 14' PDF fonts don't know of 'CP1252' encoding (nor of 'ISO-8859-1').

They use their own encodings and encoding names, called: StandardEncoding, MacRomanEncoding, WinAnsiEncoding and PDFDocEncoding (where the WinAnsiEncoding largely maps to CP1252).

The font metric files you linked to are all for the Extended Roman character set (except the two symbol fonts Symbol and ZapfDingbats, which use a 'Special' character set) and the AdobeStandardEncoding encoding scheme (again except the two fonts mentioned before, which use a font specific scheme each).

The metrics for the ellipsis character is NOT MISSING, but it IS contained in 12 of these 14 AFM files (again, the two symbol fonts don't contain this glyph, and therefor also don't list its metrics).

To learn more about the encodings and character sets used by the 14 core PDF fonts, please refer to Annex D (normative), titled 'Character Sets and Encodings', of the PDF-1.7 specification.

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So basically I need to create a look up table between the font metrics in each .afm file and the glyphs defined for CP1252 -- WinAnsiEncoding. Using ellipsis as an example, in helvetica.afm, its index is 188, and in WinAnsiEncoding, its index is 133. To get the bounding box for this glyph, I could do something like m#; N ellipsis ; B (.+?) ;# and then $cp1252[133] = $1 – xpsd300 Jun 3 '12 at 4:42

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