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I have a :before_create method that performs some checks and returns false or true.

def create_subscription_on_gateway 
  gateway = self.keyword.shortcode.provider
  create_subscription = gateway.classify.constantize.new.create_subscription(self.phone,self.keyword_keyword,self.shortcode_shortcode,self.country)
  errors[:base] << "An error has occurred when finding gateway." if gateway.nil?
  errors[:base] << "No gateway found for this shortcode." if create_subscription.nil?
  errors[:base] << "Subscription could not be made." if create_subscription == false

Now, if the method returns false or nil I can see the errors on the form page okay. The problem is that the object has been saved to the database.

How can I prevent the object to be saved when there are still errors associated on it?

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How about, instead of a before_create, you use validations. And then change your create_subscription_on_gateway to a before_validation

validate :gateway_presence
validate :gateway_found
validate :create_subscription

def gateway_presence
  if # ...your code here
    errors.add(:gateway, "An error has occured..."

def gateway_found
  if # ...your code here
    errors.add(:gateway, "An error has occured..."

and so on...

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You can raise ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid exception, it will prevent model from being saved and won't break save flow.

if error?
 errors[:base] << "error"    
 raise ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid.new(self)
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