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I've been researching all day trying to find the best solution and decided to take this to the overflow!

Basically, I already have an application built on Node.js and Socket.io and want to create a mobile application now utilizing the cool socket style functionality.

I'll describe how my application basically works right now and someone can best guide me on what to do next:

Clients A & B hit website and both join the same "room". Client A sends event to server and server emits event to subscribers of that socket (so Client B gets notified with data).

Yeah, I know, a basic example of sockets.... But I want to throw in a Client C to the mix and him being from mobile. I want the same functionality. Basically, if client C can get all the "room's" actions as live as possible, I can realistically create the mobile apps.

I want to build this native app using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and completely cross mobile.

Please don't just say "Phonegap" or anything related unless this is known to be supported via plugin or any other library.

What are my available options?

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