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I have a SQL DB that is just one table with one row that I would like to increment from my iphone, just to test out communication with a server.

I have done this with the phone before but I have never done the stuff on there server side and would like to learn.

so far I have created the sql db as said above. it is pretty much just this.


that could be slightly wrong.. it took me a couple of times to get it to work on the server and I am only writing it from memory now.

However now I would like to figure out how to just make it increment from a php script on my server... so far for the script I have done the basic stuff you do to get it to check for the DB connectivity so it looks a little something like this..

$con = mysql_connect("db.url.com","pass","username");
if (!$con){die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());}
mysql_select_db("db", $con);


I am not sure what to do now.. I would guess its some type of insert statment, but im not sure of this as I am using Auto Increment on that row...

any help would be greatly appreciated.. hopefully once I have had help figuring this out I will be able to move on and do more complex things myself :)

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You want to increment the value in one row or you want to add rows with an incrementing value for each (that's the purpose of AUTO_INCREMENT) – Michael Berkowski Jun 2 '12 at 23:19
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The mysql connection:

$hostname = "yourhostname";
$database = "yourdatabase";
$username = "youusername";
$password = "yourpasword@";
$conn = mysql_pconnect($hostname,$username,$password) or die();
mysql_select_db($database,$conn) or die(“ERROR ”.mysql_error());

Then the INSERT:

mysql_query("INSERT INTO workers (id) VALUES (null)");

Hope it helps! =D

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Thanks this worked great. – HurkNburkS Jun 3 '12 at 2:21
You're welcome. =D – pcsi Jun 3 '12 at 13:04

If you want to have just one row in the table, with a value increasing on every call, do

CREATE TABLE workers (id INT);
INSERT INTO workers SET id=0; -- or whatever start value you want

Then for each increment run

UPDATE workers SET id=id+1;

If you want to have more than one row, with ever increasing id field, use

CREATE TABLE workers (id INT AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY); -- and other needed cols

And for every row do

INSERT INTO workers SET id=0; -- again and other fields

MySQL will not really set the field to 0, but to a new increased value.

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You can just ignore that column. For example for this table structure

name varchar(30) NOT NULL

you would just do:

mysql_query("INSERT INTO workers(name) VALUES('John Peters')");

and it will add that column automatically. Moreover, for every column that has NULL available or has a defined value set, you can skip them too and it would automatically assign NULL and the default value respectively.

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AUTO_INCREMENT means each successive row you insert has an incrementally higher id. All you should need is a primary key on the id column.

INSERT INTO `workers` (`id`) VALUES (1) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `id` = `id` + 1

This will insert a row if there are no rows, but if you've already inserted a row, increments the id.

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INSERT INTO `workers` (id) VALUES (NULL) 
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