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I need preg_match_all to match something like following:

<a href="cart.php?Stock=11.482&qty=1">Buy</a>

The code I'm using:

preg_match_all("'Stock=[^><]&qty=1\">Buy</a>'si", $source, $matches);

I need it to match everything before the &qty=1">Buy</a> and after the <a href="cart.php?Stock=, except the < or > characters. However, the following code does not work. Any suggestions?

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Building further on your regex you just had to add a * after the character class


If you want to match the number 11.482 add parenthesis so that group 1 contains this number

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Terrific, thanks! – user1148809 Jun 3 '12 at 0:17

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