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How can I create a delegate class in Groovy for a class which doesn't have a default constructor? I would like to decorate JUnit's ResultPrinter but am getting an error about the missing constructor.

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I don't understand your issue. I just tried this with Java's Short — which also does not have a default constructor.

Everything worked as expected, except if you didn't initialize the delegated object, you get an NPE.

Is it possible you are using @Delegate incorrectly? Delegate doesn't decorate existing classes, it allows you to use an existing classes methods in your own class. It's like extend, but without the class inheritance.

Example code:

class Foo {
    @Delegate Short num
    String bar
    String toString() { "$bar: $num" }

def f = new Foo(bar: 'bob', num: 34 as Short)
println f // OK
println f.doubleValue() // OK

f = new Foo()
println f.doubleValue() // NPE

(Alternatively, providing some useful information, such as the actual error and stacktrace, and example code, will get you more useful responses.)

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