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My goal is to find something like 'b1234' in a paragraph and replace it with:

<a href=http://bugtracker.com/bug/1234>b1234</a>

I made this using plain ruby:

"I fixed b1234 today".gsub(/(b([0-9]+))/i, '<a href=http://bugtracker.com/bug/\2>\1</a>')

It outputs:

=> "I fixed <a href=http://bugtracker.com/bug/1234>b1234</a> today" 

I have the following in my rails view:

<%= post.content %>

Note: I don't store the HTML link code in my DB when posts are created.

If I do:

<%= post.content.gsub(...) %>

I get escaped html in the output file:

&lt;a href= ... instead of <a href= ...

...And I want that behavior, I don't want users posting HTML (iframes would be scary!).

But, how I can I still get the find and replace functionality I want without sacrificing security? Maybe a Javascript approach?


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Double up the equals signs. <%== post.content.gsub(...) %>. If users are also potentially writing HTML in this content, then you'll need to Sanitize it, so that only specified HTML tags are permitted, for example.

EDIT | Actually, provided the search string you are replacing does not contain HTML special characters, you can just escape the string, then do the gsub:

<%== h(post.content).gsub(...) %>
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That last line of code is pure perfection! Thank you. –  cnandreu Jun 3 '12 at 3:11
You should probably extract this code into a helper function to make it easier to test, reuse and understand. –  Lars Haugseth Jun 3 '12 at 11:33

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