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My application is implementing a technique described here to allow multipart file uploads to occur over 3G connections from the iPhone. I have managed to plug a delegate into the action as well, and I can monitor the upload progress. However, after upload is complete the file simply isn't there.

Digging deeper, I have discovered what appears to be a malformed URL in the SDK. Here's the relevant code:

__strong AmazonS3Client *s3 = [[AmazonS3Client alloc] initWithAccessKey:kS3Access withSecretKey:kS3Secret];
s3.timeout = 240;

s3ResponseHandler = [[S3ResponseHandler alloc] init];

S3InitiateMultipartUploadRequest *initReq = [[S3InitiateMultipartUploadRequest alloc] initWithKey:[filePath lastPathComponent] inBucket:kS3Bucket];

The initReq object inherits, ultimately, from S3Request, which has a url property. In the following lines I log the value of my [filePath lastPathComponent] and that url property:

NSLog(@"filePath lastComp: %@", [filePath lastPathComponent]);
NSLog(@"initReq URL: %@", [initReq url]);

The results:

filePath lastComp: filename.ext
initReq URL: https://<bucketname>.(null)/filename.ext

I believe the URL should be https://bucketname.s3.amazonaws.com, rather than (null).

If this is the URL that the SDK is using to push my upload, then it's clearly not going to work! Can anyone suggest what troubleshooting steps I might take to further diagnose this issue and a workaround? It almost feels like a bug in the SDK, but I trust myself much less than that.

I'm using the current (as of this writing) 1.3.0 version of the SDK.

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hi @Aaron Vegh plz tell me how can i get progress event – Arjun T Raj Jul 12 '13 at 6:24

I managed to figure this out, thanks to Amazon AWS support. Full post is here, but here's the nut for posterity.

Turns out that when you support multipart upload, the file must be greater than 5MB, except for the last part. I assumed the first part could be the last part as well. So now I have a simple test statement: files smaller than 5MB will be uploaded using the "Single Put Object Request" (as per the link in my question), whereas the larger files will go multipart. Works like a charm.

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Hi I see you have already found your answer, however I want to offer some additional insight for others getting their AWS chops together.

This post details one process for uploads and tracking them. It also contains some insight on how S3TransferManager handles threads. Relevantly, AWS offers two important ways to post data to s3: upload: and putObjectRequest:. The method upload: offers the ability to upload multiple files/requests without halting your UI. The method getObjectRequest: could halt your UI and prevent another request until the transfer is done.

Again just to add additional insight on methodology for requests and the way the S3TransferManager handles threads.

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