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I'm having some problem using multiple selectBooleanCheckBox in multiple DataTables in ui:repeat.

Something like this

<ui:repeat var="f" value="#{mybean.values}">
    <rich:dataTable value="#{f.values}" var="v">
            <h:selectBooleanCheckbox value="#{mybean.selected[v.id]}"/>

In the backing bean, in the selected map, I found the wrong ids.

Anothery strange behaviour is that when i sort the column using the sortBy attribute, it sorts all the column rendered.

I've found the bug on the jira

RichFaces JIRA

If I use the

<c:forEach />

tag instead of

<ui:repeat />

Is a little better (no sorting between tables, more values are right in the backing bean), but sometimes it's still wrong.

Any ideas?


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What IDs are you getting (ie. is it all the same one)? –  Damo Jul 6 '09 at 14:26
No, it's not. Each row has got a different id. Thanks. –  Luca Molteni Jul 6 '09 at 14:49

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Try using the a4j:repeat.

I often have problems updating values on the backend using Richfaces from within ui:repeat (although normally with a4j:commandLink/commandButton).

EDIT: And do you have a well defined equals() and hashcode() for the Class that you are adding to the list/set?

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Thank you very much for the advice, unfortunately it didn't solve the problem. –  Luca Molteni Jul 6 '09 at 14:50
Yes, I've defined it, but the problem is in richfaces, the values in the backing bean are wrong. It is more like a problem with the interation of the Extended Data Model, i think. –  Luca Molteni Jul 7 '09 at 13:26
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I've resolved ordering the values, since I was binding to a Set. I've used the SortedSet. Thanks anyway.

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