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I'm trying to create a very simple PCAP file (1 UDP message).
Tried using dpkt (pcap.Writer), no luck, and the documentation is scarce.
Can anyone post a working example?
(or any other alternative - I'm not bound to dpkt)

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construct's cap shows how to use construct for this. Construct also has a rudimentary ip stack example. The nice thing about Construct is that it is symmetrical, i.e. you can put data into it, convert it to a set of Python objects and you can then dump out the objects to create the original data blob again.

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I fail to understand... I need to CREATE a pcap file, not sure how this helps me – Boaz Jun 3 '12 at 10:58

you need to write the packet into a libpcap format

Global Header + Packet Header + Packet Data + Packet Header + Packet Data this link should help you

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