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Im having trouble accessing the following vector. Im new to vectors so this is probably a small syntactical thing i've done wrong. here is the code....

void spellCheck(vector<string> * fileRead)
    string fileName = "/usr/dict/words";
    vector<string> dict;        // Stores file

    // Open the words text file
    cout << "Opening: "<< fileName << " for read" << endl;

    ifstream fin;

        cerr << "Error: File could not be opened" << endl;
    // Reads all words into a vector
        string temp;
        fin >> temp;

    cout << "Making comparisons…" << endl;
    // Go through each word in vector
    for(int i=0; i < fileRead->size(); i++)
        bool found = false;

        // Go through and match it with a dictionary word
        for(int j= 0; j < dict.size(); j++)
            if(WordCmp(fileRead[i]->c_str(), dict[j].c_str()) != 0)
                found = true;   

        if(found == false)
            cout << fileRead[i] << "Not found" << endl; 

int WordCmp(char* Word1, char* Word2)
        return 0;
    if(Word1[0] != Word2[0])
        return 100;
    float AveWordLen = ((strlen(Word1) + strlen(Word2)) / 2.0);

    return int(NumUniqueChars(Word1,Word2)/ AveWordLen * 100);

The error is in the lines

if(WordCmp(fileRead[i]->c_str(), dict[j].c_str()) != 0)


cout << fileRead[i] << "Not found" << endl;

the problem seems to be, because its in the form of a pointer the current syntax im using to access it is made invalid.

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Why aren't you passing a reference rather than a pointer? – Mat Jun 3 '12 at 8:05
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You can use the unary * to get a vector& from a vector*:

cout << (*fileRead)[i] << "Not found" << endl;
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Using [] on a pointer to a vector will not call std::vector::operator[]. To call std::vector::operator[] as you want, you must have a vector, not a vector pointer.

The syntax to access the n-th element of a vector with a pointer to the vector would be: (*fileRead)[n].c_str().

However, you should just pass a reference to the vector:

void spellCheck(vector<string>& fileRead)

Then it's just:


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I assume you meant vector<string> & fileRead? – cHao Jun 3 '12 at 8:08
@cHao Yes. Thanks! Copied and pasted the method signature, but forgot to change it >.<. – Corbin Jun 3 '12 at 8:09

Two options to access:

  • (*fileRead)[i]
  • fileRead->operator[](i)

One option to improve the method

  • pass by reference
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You can either pass fileRead by reference like this:

void spellCheck(vector<string> & fileRead)

Or add a dereferece when you use it like this:

if(WordCmp( (*fileRead)[i]->c_str(), dict[j].c_str()) != 0)
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