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I'm trying to figure out a way to add an object to a vector map.

(defstruct item :name)
(def itemList [])

(defn add-item [db & item] 
  (into db item))

(defn get-records[]
  (doseq [i (range 0 10 1)]  
   (add-records itemList  (struct item "test")

In the end of the loop I want itemList to contain 10 objects. Any help would very much appriciated

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Clojure is a functional programming language and all of its main data structures are immutable and persistent. That also includes vector.

Your example needs managing a state. Clojure provides several abstractions for this, out of which, I think atoms fit your use case best.

user=> (defrecord Item [name])

user=> (def item-list (atom []))

user=> (defn add-item [db i] (swap! db #(conj % i)))

user=> (defn put-records [] 
         (doseq [i (range 10)] 
           (add-item item-list (Item. "test"))))

user=> (put-records)

user=> item-list
#<Atom@4204: [#user.Item{:name "test"} #user.Item{:name "test"} #user.Item{:name "test"} #user.Item{:name "test"} #user.Item{:name "test"} #user.Item{:name "test"} #user.Item{:name "test"} #user.Item{:name "test"} #user.Item{:name "test"} #user.Item{:name "test"}]>
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Thank you it worked really great :). Im quite new to Clojure , can you recommend any good tutorials to go ahead. Thank you – Jani Jun 3 '12 at 9:12
@user723056, see this thread. – missingfaktor Jun 3 '12 at 9:15

missingfaktor's answer is right, if you really need to mutate something, but it would be much more normal to have:

(defstruct item :name)
(def itemList (for [i (range 10)] (struct item "test")))

in other words - create the list of objects with the contents.

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