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i have a an observable array in my model that is bind to just a list of div's in the view, i want to create a textbox above that list which will filter out the users, like if i write: "admin" will only show users with name admin in them.

how do i do that in knockout? where should i keep the original list of users? and how should i filter the observable array ?

my model looks like this: the observable array is usersWithGroups

var groupsViewModelClass = function () {
var self = this;
    assignedPermissions: [],
    avilablePermissions: [],
    usersWithGroups: [],
    allGroups: []
}, {}, self);


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You can use ko.utils.arrayFilter function


//filter the items using the filter text
viewModel.filteredItems = ko.computed(function() {
    var filter = this.filter().toLowerCase();
    if (!filter) {
        return this.items();
    } else {
        return ko.utils.arrayFilter(this.items(), function(item) {
            return ko.utils.stringStartsWith(item.name().toLowerCase(), filter);
}, viewModel);

See also: http://www.knockmeout.net/2011/04/utility-functions-in-knockoutjs.html

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note: ko.utils.stringStartsWith is not exported in the minified KO file. The code is simple enough though to replicate. What's the deal with that? –  dmathisen May 30 '13 at 14:45
ko.utils.stringStartsWith is used only as an example of function that can be used with arrayFilter. The main idea is that function within arrayFilter must check boolean condition for each item from collection and return true or false –  Vladimir Posvistelik May 30 '13 at 15:19

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