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I have a combobox and that present all the values (1 to many) of my object.
I have implemnted a text field with ajax that retrieves values from the DB using ajax.
Now, want to a add a button that inserts the data from the textfield to the combobox.
I than would like that it would be saved only when user choose to.

I am having troubles implementing the add button that adds the data only on the client side and waits untill the user clicks on save.

Any suggestions? Rails cast maybe ? Thanks

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The railscast above implements what you want with autocomplete feature, watch it fully, you will be good to go, I hope.


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Thanks. I already watched it . Thats how I implemented the autocomplete. I now seek to implement an add feature as described above. From the Textfield to the combobox. on the client side. – rails Jun 3 '12 at 10:24

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