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I want to find the match template including rotation, scale and position.But cvMatchTemplate doesn't provide these details, It detects only the position.

I have seen the examples using chess board. But I want to implement the same example with my custom image.

Thanks for help.


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You can not use cvMatchTemplate for that. If the object you are looking for has different scale or rotation then cvMatchTemplate will fail. You better look for other techniques like Feature Detection.

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If you want to get an arbitrary affine matrix to transform one image to best match another you can use:

Mat M = estimateRigidTransform(img1,img2,true); 

If you want to get the affine matrix that will only translate/rotate/scale one image to best match another you can use:

Mat M = estimateRigidTransform(img1,img2,false); 

This isn't quite the same as using templates however, and it assumes that the two images are of the same object (more or less).

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