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I am trying to determine in which column the name "Phone" appears, by checking the HTML of a web page. The string in which I am doing the search looks like this :

<tr class="C1">
...   < some more columns, but their number is not fixed >
...    <more columns>

Is it possible to determine using regular expressions ?

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From the viewpoint of theoretical computer science: It is not possible, since tables could be nested; and regular expressions generally cannot cope with nested structures (you need a Typ-2-Grammer (Chomsky-Hierarchy), i.e. a Parser, to analyse the structure of a html-Text, it's not Typ-3, i.e. regular).

From a practical viewpoint, however, if you assume, that the tables are not nested, you could use a RegEx to extract table rows (something like <tr (?!</tr>)*</tr>), match the entries afterwards (something like <td (?!</td>)*</td>) to produce a List of columns and search that list for an Entry containing the string "Phone"....

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Tough task. I'm referring you to various posts that explain why HTML parsing using RegEx is (virtually) imposibble:

  1. RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags
  2. http://stackoverflow.com/a/590789/290343
  3. http://stackoverflow.com/a/133684/290343
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