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I recently finished a C# project and wrote tests with MSpec using Machine.Fakes. I have been using the command line runner. It would be more comfortable to see the test results/runs inside Visual Studio. But, ReSharper is outside of my budget. Is there an attractive alternative?

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First of all, I highly recommend getting ReSharper. It's much more than just a test runner. In my experience, working without ReSharper is less productive.

There are test runners for several commercial products available:

TestDriven.Net should be cheaper than ReSharper, but it is only a test runner. The other products are similar to what ReSharper provides, but I haven't worked with them.

There are also continuous test runners for Visual Studio:

Both are free as of today.

There's also Gallio, which might offer integration into VS.

As a last option, you can set up MSpec's exe runner as an external tool to see test run output in the Output window.

For VS 2012 we'll probably have a runner that integrates without the need for extra tools.

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TestDriven.NET is not cheaper than Resharper. In fact, for a single language solution, Resharper is actually cheaper, AND ReSharper provides a built in test runner that is pretty decent. I'm quite surprised that TestDriven.NET is so costly as I'm not sure why anyone would purchase the license. – galford13x Oct 12 '12 at 2:37
+1 On a side note, MightyMoose, and NCrunch look awesome and I think I will be trying them this weekend. Thanks for the reference. – galford13x Oct 12 '12 at 2:53

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