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I have a program that generates sound using an AUSampler connected to a Remote IO Audio Unit. The AUSampler is controlled by pre-recorded events that are triggered in a timed loop. I want to write the resulting sound to a file.

There are some other questions on writing to a file in the render callback of the IO unit:

But these all deal with writing the data in real time. Is there a way to offline render the file in less time it takes than to play it?

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If you are rendering a pre-recorded sequence, then why not just write raw PCM data to disk? The ExtAudioFileWriteAsync function should work in this case.

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Sorry, I guess my question was misleading. What I meant was that I have a set of "events" that are triggered in a loop; these events will then send MIDI messages to the AUSampler which produces the sound. – Jayson Jun 9 '12 at 20:47

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