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I have error in my code: Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object in /var/www/crud_php/core/class_ManageDatabase.php on line 23

Error line: $query = $this->link->query("SELECT * FROM $table_name ORDER BY id ASC");


class ManageDb{
    public $link;

    function __construct() {
        include_once 'class_database.php';
        $conn = new database;
        $this->link = $conn->connect();

        return $this->link;

    function getData($table_name, $id=null){
            $query = $this->link->query("SELECT * FROM $table_name WHERE id = '$id' ORDER BY id ASC");
         **$query = $this->link->query("SELECT * FROM $table_name ORDER BY id ASC");**   

        $rowCount = $query->rowCount();
        if ($rowCount >=1){
            $result = $query->fetchAll();
            $result = 0;

        return $result;



db connect:

include_once '../config.php';

class database {

    protected $db_conn;
    public $db_name = DB_NAME;
    public $db_host = DB_HOST;
    public $db_pass = DB_PASS;
    public $db_user = DB_USER;

    function connect() {
        try {
            $this->db_conn = new PDO("mysql:host = $this->db_host;dbname=$this->db_name", $this->db_user, $this->db_pass);
        } catch (PDOException $e) {
            return $e->getMessage();


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Are you sure that your connection to the database is working after $conn->connect() ? If this return false, you get the type of error that you are getting. –  Jerome WAGNER Jun 3 '12 at 13:05

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It means $this->link is not an object. You forgot to return the connection in your connect() method. Add return $this->db_conn; in that method.

On a side-note, returning a string in case of an error is a very bad idea. Let the exception propagate or terminate the script - but not return something completely else that will cause odd errors later in your code. You also cannot return anything from a constructor.

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Yes. I forgot return $this->db_conn Thank you. Sorry –  dipman Jun 3 '12 at 13:08

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