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I'm using hadoop 1.0.1 on a single node and I'm trying to stream a tab delimited file using python 2.7. I can get Michael Noll's word count scripts to run using hadoop/python, but can't get this extremely simple mapper and reducer to work that just duplicates the file. Here's the mapper:

import sys

for line in sys.stdin:
    line = line.strip()
    print '%s' % line

Here's the reducer:

import sys

for line in sys.stdin:
    line = line.strip()
    print line

Here's part of the input file:

1   857774.000000
2   859164.000000
3   859350.000000

The mapper and reducer work fine within linux:

cat input.txt | python | sort | python > a.out

but after I chmod the mapper and reducer, move the input file to hdfs and check that it's there and run:

bin/hadoop jar contrib/streaming/hadoop-*streaming*.jar -file -mapper -file -reducer -input inputDir/* -output outputDir

I get the following error:

12/06/03 10:19:11 INFO streaming.StreamJob:  map 0%  reduce 0%
12/06/03 10:20:15 ERROR streaming.StreamJob: Job not successful. Error: # of failed Map Tasks exceeded allowed limit. FailedCount: 1. LastFailedTask: task_201206030550_0003_m_000001
12/06/03 10:20:15 INFO streaming.StreamJob: killJob...
Streaming Job Failed!

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Do your python files have the shebang / hashbang headers? I imagine your problem is when Java comes to execute the mapper python file, it's asking the os to execute the file, and without shebang / hashbang notation, it doesn't know how to execute the file. I would also ensure your files are marked with executable permissions (chmod a+x

import sys

for line in sys.stdin:
    line = line.strip()
    print '%s' % line

Try this from the command line to ensure the shell knows to execute the files with the python interpreter:

cat input.txt | ./ | sort | ./ > a.out
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Thanks, Chris. My brain always ignores lines with the comment symbol, so I ended up spending 20 hours cutting back my code and trying every variation I could think of. Much appreciated. – user1106278 Jun 3 '12 at 15:51

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