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Is it possible to include conditional logic within an Rspec2 tag so that I can run all examples with tags less than or equal to a given value?

Something like:

  rspec Dummy_spec.rb --tag version:= <=2

Obviously, this doesn't work but is there some Ruby magic that would make this work?

The reason for doing so is that I want to version my Rspec examples using tags. More specifically, I want to be able to filter all examples with a tag that is equal to or less than the tag value I specify when running the examples.

For example, if I am working on version 2 of my code but also getting a jump start on version 3, then I want to be able to just run all the examples that would be applicable to version 1 and version 2 of my code..but not version 3. (see code example below)

In anticipation of some replies, my rspec examples are in a separate project than my production code so its not a simple matter of versioning the examples with the code. But if there is a better way to handle this, I'm open to alternatives.

Full example of what I want to do:

describe "using version as tags" do

  context "When I run 'rspec Dummy_spec.rb --tag version:2'"

  it "should run this test applicable to ver 1", :version =>1 do
    true.should eq(true)

  it "should run this test applicable to ver 2", :version =>2 do
    true.should eq(true)

  it "should not run this test applicable to ver 3", :version =>3 do
    true.should eq(true)

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The Relish page for the --tag option explains that you can exclude tags via ~key:value, so you should be able to run rspec Dummy_spec.rb --tag ~version:3 to run everything but the version 3 tests.

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