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I'm confused about pcntl_fork in PHP.

I know it does multi-threading, but how does it work and how would I use it in a script?

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PCNTL can not make threads. It only "forks" current PHP process. What does it mean? When you call pcntl_fork(), current process is split into two processes. Whole namespace of parent process is copied to it's child. pcntl_fork() returns child's PID in parent and 0 in child.

Some hints:

  • Communication between processes is possible but not nice (via serialized object in shared memory).
  • Synchronization is posible (semaphores)
  • File descriptors (and database connections) are shared, this causes problems very often.
  • Error logging is difficult
  • Parent process should wait for children to finish or it will leave zombie processes behind.

Here's clear example from documentation:


$pid = pcntl_fork();
if ($pid == -1) {
     die('could not fork');
} else if ($pid) {
     // we are the parent
     pcntl_wait($status); //Protect against Zombie children
} else {
     // we are the child

For more information follow documentation.

But remember, PHP is just scripting language. It's not designed for parallel computing. You could do better job with simultaneously running CRONs or C program.

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Thank you your answer helped me :) –  Mehdi Maghrooni Feb 26 '14 at 14:05

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