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I'm writing a PHP application using codeigniter framework. I'm trying to add a tool to download the data in the page as a .csv format file. I have the code to the server side, but I'm having trouble handling the URL mapping for the "Download" Controller. in /controllers/ I have a controller called "Download", which is has a function called 'exportCSV', which receives a json object that is decoded and used to create the file. So, I'm trying to send a JavaScript array through 'post' to that method, but I'm having trouble handling the URL mapping. here is my javascript call ...

function download(){

$.post('index.php/download/exportCSV', {input : dataForDownload.toString()},

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Can you clarify what problems you're having? Are you getting a 404 on the POST? –  nageeb Jun 3 '12 at 16:45
Where is your controller code? What errors are you getting? whathaveyoutried.com –  Seabass Jun 3 '12 at 18:41

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POST to index.php/download/exportcsv. CI doesn't much like Mixed Case controllers.

If you have a download controller, it should look like this:

class Download extends CI_Controller { function _construct() { parent::_construct(); }

function exportcsv()
        // Something was POSTed, continue

        // process input

    } else {
        // Catch error if no POST


If you're getting a 404, your application might not be set up correctly. Check routes.php and your base_url.

I also recommend the CodeIgniter user guide. It's full of good information:

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