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I'm making a website based on jQuery Mobile. On a particular field I would like to accept only numbers, or more precisely 4 digits. I noticed that the slider input does this (when you tap the field on your phone it brings up a "numbers only keyboard").

However I'm not interested in the slider itself as this as I want the user to type in an exact number (for example 4687 is a bit hard to achive with a slider on a touch phone).

Is there an alternative to the slider or is there a neat way to hide the actual slider?

<div data-role="fieldcontain">
    <fieldset data-role="controlgroup">
        <label for="slc_length">
        <input type="range" name="slider" id="slc_length" value="500" min="8" max="9999" data-highlight="true" />
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Use input type of number. Don't give up on server side validation though!

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Haha, now I feel stupid. Tried searching on the question before posting, but that was just too easy. Thanks a lot. –  KG Christensen Jun 3 '12 at 15:16
Sure thing. Make sure to accept when you can :-). –  Madara Uchiha Jun 3 '12 at 15:20
<input type="number" name"abc">
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pleas add a little bit of context - don't just throw one line of code out there –  Daij-Djan Jul 15 '14 at 18:35
ok. i was just refering to simple code to call numbers only keyboard on mobile. Sorry man. –  Cristian Weiser Jul 16 '14 at 23:06

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