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When you post a regular status update to Facebook, it tracks your current location and gives the (near) city next to the time. I.e.: May 24 near New York City, New York. Please note that this is not a check-in.

I'm trying to do the same, without searching for a page (place) id and checkin. I've tried posting the coordinates with latitute and longitute, but it doesn't show the near city.

coordinates={"latitude": 37.4163458217, "longitude": -122.15198690595}
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please check this url

you have to pass the coordinates as an object called place , and that will have the details about the place , few more details about place object ...

object containing id and name of Page associated with this location, and a location field containing geographic information such as latitude, longitude, country, and other fields (fields will vary based on geography and availability of information)
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Thanks for your reply Raquibul! But I don't get it to work, I've tried it like this (as PHP-array): array ( "message" => "My message", "place" => array ( "location" => array ( "latitude" => 40.714353, "longitude" => -74.005973, "country" => "US" ) ) ); It gives an error, but nothing specific. The documentation really fails on this part, no example, nothing... – Tim Jun 6 '12 at 14:13

I realize this is an old question, but just to confirm, posting via an app can only let you tag a place using the place ID.
Please check these related posts -

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