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At least I finished developing a new windows gadget. I zipped it and removed the ".zip", so that it's a valid ".gadget"-file now. When I execute this file the install-dialog pops up, i click "install" but nothing happens.. Any suggestions? When i copy the extracted (not zipped) Windows gadget into "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets", I can use it successfully, but the way I descriped before isn't possible..

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Sounds like you may have zipped up one folder too many.

If you zipped up "gadget_name.gadget" then, if you executed this it would not install. You need to go into the gadget.gadget folder and zip up them files. For example in that folder you may have 2 folder labeled EN-US and Images. you need to zip them up from there and when save them as "gadget_name.gadget", change the extension from .zip to .gadget.

It may be a late reply but it might be helpful.

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This was my problem. So, for instance, the .zip file (renamed .gadget) should have a 'Gadget.xml' file in it at the root level, not in a subfolder. –  Rob Cranfill Oct 12 '13 at 22:38

Check there are no empty folders in your gadget zip.

Also ensure you have the correct Directory structure Eg,




If you could post the gadget zip file it could also be helpful.

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