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I'm new to d3, and just getting the hang of it. My requirement is pretty simple. I want the x-axis to be log scaled to a base of some decimal number. The default log scale has a base of 10. And scouring the reference API and the web hasnt yielded me a way of changing the base. Might be i'm missing something basic about d3. But i cant seem to get past this obstacle. Ideally, shouldnt there be a log.base() similar to the pow.exponent() for the power scale

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See the answer & comments of this question stackoverflow.com/questions/24247305/… –  Adrien Be Jul 18 at 12:44

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There isn't such a function (although it wouldn't be too hard to add one). Your best bet is to write your own function that does the necessary log transformation you specify and then passes the result on to a normal linear scale to get the final value.

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Seems like this function is now available github.com/mbostock/d3/wiki/Quantitative-Scales#log-scales –  Adrien Be Jul 18 at 13:54

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