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I have a div containing a group of divs.

I want the divs inside to work as links that move to another page after saving this link's value.

The div consists of the id in the div attribute, & the name in the div's value as follows:


    <div id="ClasssesList" ></div> 


function GetClassesList(data) {
   var classes = (typeof data) == 'string' ? eval('(' + data + ')') : data;
   for (var i = 0; i < classes.length; i++) {
      var text = '<button class="BigDiv" value="' + classes[i].Cls_ID + '" >' + classes[i].Cls_Name + '</button>';

I want to save the value of the clicked id in a localStorage then move to the next page:

I tried to make it as follows, but it doesn't seem to be working:

$("#ClasssesList").bind('click', 'button.BigDiv',CallLink()); 

function CallLink(e) {

        localStorage['ClassID'] = $('Button.BigDiv').attr('value');

Do you know what should I do to let it work ?

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Explain in more detail what the problem is. Is the local storage not saving your values, or problems with the navigation, or just the whole doesn't work? –  Mark H Jun 3 '12 at 16:49
No, the local storage saves the value, but the IDE outputs an error "object not supported" when it comes to CallLink() –  Sana Joseph Jun 3 '12 at 17:35

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function CallLink(e) {

        localStorage.setItem('ClassID', $('Button.BigDiv').attr('value'));


And to get that item try:


Format to set data to localStorage is

localStorage.setItem(key, value);

here value is string format;

you will get more here Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple.

And one note

I think your bind function

$("#ClasssesList").bind('click', 'button.BigDiv',CallLink())

should be written as

$("#ClasssesList").on('click', 'button.BigDiv',CallLink())
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But when the debugger comes to this line: $("#ClasssesList").bind('click', 'button.BigDiv',CallLink()); it crashes –  Sana Joseph Jun 3 '12 at 17:38
@SanaJoseph check my update –  thecodeparadox Jun 3 '12 at 17:45

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