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It was working fine, now it's stopped. I select a symbol in my C code and the Code Definition Window stubbonly asserts that "no definition selected". Also if I select "Go to definition" for a function then VS says "The symbol '' is not defined event though it is. The code compiles fine by the way.

Is there a known issue here?


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At the risk of stating the obvious, I presume you've tried restarting Visual Studio or rebooting the machine? – Joe Jul 6 '09 at 14:43
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I was having this problem in Visual Studio 2005 also and deleting the .ncb file seems to have done the trick. Maybe when it gets too big it simply stops functioning.

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Maybe try deleting your solution.ncb file (after closing the solution)?

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I had a similar issue, and deleting the *.ncb file(after closing the solution) did the trick

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