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I am loading a "webpage1" on an uiwebview and saving its first request on an instance variable "webviewHistory". Then, I must reuse that webview to load another page, "webpage2" (saved its first request to "webviewHistory" too), and history should start now from this request. Problem is if I execute goBack (button IBAction) from "webpage2", I can keep going back to "webpage1" history and following. If I check request and compare with initial saved, works! but not with redirections, for example, if I trigger request to, request is redirectioned to and first one is not saved as navigation history! how to solve it?

if (![webViewSocial.request.URL.absoluteString isEqualToString:self.webviewHistory]){
    [webViewSocial goBack];
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UIWebviews have instance methods that allow you to go backwards and forwards with the history, without you having to track the last request. Is there a particular reason you are saving the last request specifically?

Sample code:

if ([webView canGoBack]) {
    [webView goBack];

Here is a project that is a simple uiwebview browser if you want to play with it:

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I am already using this methods but I need to enable or disable goBack action depending if request is older that first loaded page! – Jaume Jun 4 '12 at 6:43
Ok. I think you should wait for redirection to happen on first page (so you get the correct first page loaded) using uiwebview delegate method: webViewDidFinishLoad: then save to your instance variable. – Msencenb Jun 4 '12 at 16:34

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