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I have a powershell script file, executed using a batch file [Runpowershell.bat]. the powershell script aslo contains code to execute one another batch file ,as below

function RunPowershell {

The test.bat file executed from the above powershell script, is used to create some text files with sql scripts.

All working fine when executed as normal user but, the commands written in test.bat file for reading someother files is not executed if Runpowershell.bat run as administrator. It says "Cannot open file "

any help would be higly apreciated.


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this must be a problem of execution environment (current directory, locale, or others) rather than access rights (as admin rights are higher that normal user rights). You have to determine which file can't be open and then you'll probable figure out why. –  PA. Jun 4 '12 at 12:39

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To show which file raises the issue, add an echo before your copy. (I answered because I cannot comment)

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