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When I attach gdb to a process that uses many source files, such as PHP, sometimes I want to set a breakpoint on line x of file y. How do I specify the file for gdb?

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It's as simple as:

b filename.c:XYZ

See the documentation for more info.

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  1. gdb ./test.exe //test.exe is create by you program.
  2. b 117 //if only single file and line 117 is the function you want to run into b filename.c:110 //filename:line NO
  3. r //running the prog
  4. n
  5. c //continue
  6. s //sign in the function you want to test
  7. until 1120 //if there is for branch and you want to skip the brand, given 1120 is after the for branch

You can shorten almost all commands in GDB up to the point where they remain unambiguous.

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