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I have the following problem... I am creating a blackberry application that consists on a GPS, with a couple of lables that show the data collected from gps, like distance from last point, speed, etc. My gps class is the following:

public class GPSManager extends Thread implements LocationListener{

private MapWindow screen;
private boolean periodicUpdates;
private Vector coordinateHistory = new Vector();

public GPSManager(MapWindow screen, boolean update) {
    this.screen = screen;
    this.periodicUpdates = update;
public void locationUpdated(LocationProvider provider, Location location) {
    QualifiedCoordinates qualifiedCoordinates =

    if (coordinateHistory.size() > 0) {
        Coordinates lastCoordinates =(Coordinates)coordinateHistory.lastElement();

public GPSManager(MapWindow screen){

    this.screen = screen;

public void run(){
    Criteria bCriteria = new BlackBerryCriteria();
    if (GPSInfo.isGPSModeAvailable(GPSInfo.GPS_MODE_CELLSITE)) {
        ((BlackBerryCriteria) bCriteria).setMode(GPSInfo.GPS_MODE_CELLSITE);
    } else if (GPSInfo.isGPSModeAvailable(GPSInfo.GPS_MODE_ASSIST)) {
        ((BlackBerryCriteria) bCriteria).setMode(GPSInfo.GPS_MODE_ASSIST);
    } else if (GPSInfo
            .isGPSModeAvailable(GPSInfo.GPS_MODE_AUTONOMOUS)) {
        ((BlackBerryCriteria) bCriteria).setMode(GPSInfo.GPS_MODE_AUTONOMOUS);
    } else {

    try {
        LocationProvider provider = LocationProvider.getInstance(bCriteria);
        Location location = provider.getLocation(-1);
        locationUpdated(provider, location);
        if (periodicUpdates) {
        provider.setLocationListener(this, 1, -1, -1);
        } catch (LocationException e) {
        //screen.setMessage("LocationException occurred getting location" + e.getMessage());
        } catch (InterruptedException e) {
        //screen.setMessage("InterruptedException occurred getting location: " + e.getMessage());
public void providerStateChanged(LocationProvider provider, int newState) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub



My MapWindow basically has a mapField and a couple of labels to update..

public class MapWindow extends MainScreen implements FieldChangeListener{
  private MapField mapField;
  private LabelField distance;
  private float distance;
  private Coordinates current;
  public MapWindow(){
      mapField = new MapField();
      distance = new LabelField();

  public void setLocation(double longitude, double latitude, float f) {
     synchronized(UiApplication.getEventLock()) {
         mapField.moveTo((int)(latitude * 100000), (int)(longitude *100000));
     public synchronized void updateData(){
     Formatter formatter = new Formatter();
     Coordinates now = mapField.getCoordinates();
     distance = distance + current.distance(now)/1000;
     String formattedTotal = formatter.formatNumber(distance, 2);
             current = now;

The thing is that the method setLocation seems to do only the first 2 lines, and updateData never gets executed... Ideas? thanks

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Have you tried removing the synchronized keyword from the prototype for updateData() ? –  Richard Jun 3 '12 at 21:57
are you showing us everywhere that setLocation() and updateData() are called? Also, it's hard to debug your code, as you must have performed some editing that left your MapWindow class with two members both named distance. –  Nate Jun 3 '12 at 23:37
The thing is that my code has a lot of more labels than that, obviously that's not the original code.. Tried to reduce the amount of complexity so it would be clear what the probelm was..also when I create the window, I create and start the gps thread.. Update data is called from setLocation and setLocation is called when the gps thread starts –  Juan Ignacio Galan Jun 4 '12 at 0:42

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