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My question is: What are the datatypes I should support for a Javabean to fill a PreparedStatement?

I'm writing a SQLHelper for a Java Helper Library. One of the classes I'm writing is a QueryParameter Javabean which holds a type and value. It's main use is to be associated with a HelperQuery Javabean and a prepared statement will be filled with them in a call like this to the following method:

fillStatement(preparedStatement, helperQuery.getParams());

public void fillStatement(PreparedStatement pstmt, QueryParameter... params) throws SQLException {
  for (int i = 1; i <= params.length; i++) {
    QueryParameter param = params[i - 1];
    switch (param.getType()) {
      case QueryParameter.CLOB:
        pstmt.setClob(i, (Clob) clob);
      case QueryParameter.STRING:
        pstmt.setString(i, (String) param.getValue());
      case QueryParameter.YOU_GET_THE_IDEA:
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Take a look at the PreparedStatement javadoc and support every setSomething datatype there. They are:

Array, AsciiStream, BigDecimal, BinaryStream, Blob, Boolean, Byte,
Bytes, CharacterStream, Clob, Date, Double, Float, Int, Long,
NCharacterStream, NClob, NString, Null, Object, Ref, RowId, Short,
SQLXML, String, Time, Timestamp, and URL
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Halfway through asking my question I realized the answer was simple :) – kentcdodds Jun 3 '12 at 20:28

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