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Here is the query I am sending to ElasticSearch:


The returned JSON is this:

  {"_index":"user-index","_type":"user","_id":"WgrvE-DzQJminNreBIsRNA","_score":1.0, "_source" :
  {"_index":"user-index","_type":"user","_id":"GwMOuYbUR8y48RrG4HgXdg","_score":1.0, "_source" :
  {"_index":"user-index","_type":"user","_id":"C-bgK3pNTNiX9Cz0x8EftA","_score":1.0, "_source" :

Only one of those actually matches. Why is it sending them all back?

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Elasticsearch returns all records with the type user in the index user-index because it cannot find the search query. The search query should be specified as a query string in the parameter "q" or as a request body.

Try http://localhost:9200/user-index/user/_search?q=name%3ARichard

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I was trying to pass them as JSON but it turns out that the second parameter in the gem I was using wasn't for body content but URI encoded the data. Thanks for the help! – Chris Jun 3 '12 at 23:40

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