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I've just started developing a Google Chrome extension using the chrome.* API. I'm trying to analyse outgoing requests from the browser. If I run this in my background.html:

        function (details) {            
            if (details.method == "POST") {
        { urls: ["<all_urls>"]}

I get a notification on each request, but it seems I don't have access to http post parameters. I get these parameters with an additional content script, but isn't it possible to access the parameters through the chrome.webRequest object?

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This is not possible for now, you can monitor this Chromium issue for updates (click a star in the top-right corner to get email notifications).

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This is now available on the development branch of Chrome. You can access post data by checking the requestBody of a chrome.webRequest object. Google needs participants to submit their working extensions through the link below before it can be pushed into beta and eventually a stable release.

Further details are available at the URL mentioned above:

And the Google developer documentation:

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