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Hello I have a problem with everyauth: I don't know how to configure and get req.user in routes.

Can anybody help me with how to configure?

If you want to see more code just tell me. Thanks for visit

    // .loginWith('email')
    .loginLocals( function (req, res, done) {
      setTimeout( function () {
        done(null, {
          title: 'Async login'
      }, 200);
    .authenticate( function (login, password) {
      var errors = [];
      if (!login) errors.push('Missing login');
      if (!password) errors.push('Missing password');
      if (errors.length) return errors;

      var user = usersByLogin[login];

      if (!user) return ['Login failed'];
      if (user.password !== password) return ['Login failed'];
      return user;

redirect code:

app.get('/home', function(req,res)
        console.log(req.user); //undefined
        res.send('youre logged in');
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You need to provide everyauth a way of looking up your user object from its id by calling:

everyauth.everymodule.findUserById(function(userId, callback) {
    // Look up the user from userId and call callback(err, user)

See the Accessing the User section of the everyauth website.

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