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I'm trying to have a caching system for my project, the idea is to save the last information (as JSON data) for every user in a text file which exists in a special folder for this user, and instead of hitting the database to fetch the whole required info every time this user logged in or updated the page I call a small field in Users table which called Uptodate to decide whether should I update the text file or simply calling the existed one .
I'm tring to avoid using the memory for chaching data, is this is a good approach to do the job ? should I save data as a text file ? how can I add data to the top of existed file ?

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HTML5 localStorage is perfect for what you're trying to do.

localStorage.setItem("json_data", JSONdata);


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How much data can localstorage take for each user ? is it good for persistent updating ? –  Rawhi Jun 4 '12 at 8:41

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