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I am getting the following errors when running the code:

syntax error line 5, near "use Digest::MD5

sub makeKey 
syntax error at line 8, near "}"
syntax error at line 15, near ")
Execution aborted due to compilation errors.

My script:

use lib '/home/me/Desktop/pm/MD5.pm';
use Digest::MD5

sub makeKey 
    my ($strPassword, $strRndk);
    $strKey = uc(md5Hash($strPassword)) + $strRndk + "Y(02.>'H}t\":E1" + md5Hash($strKey);
    return $strKey;

sub md5Hash 
    my ($strPassword);
    $strMd5 = md5_hex($strPassword);
    return substr($strMd5, 16, 16) + substr($strMd5, 0, 16);

makeKey('test', '1A2B3C');
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Use Digest::MDd5 needs to end with a semicolon.

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I did that, but now I get "Parameter to use lib must be directory, not file on line 1", so I did that, and now I get "Undefined subroutine &main::md5_hex called on line 14". –  user1432856 Jun 4 '12 at 0:14
@user1432856 then update your question. –  hobbs Jun 4 '12 at 0:31

Concerning your third (and final?) problem:

"Undefined subroutine &main::md5_hex called on line 14"

Digest::MD5 doesn't export md5_hex (or anything else) by default, you have to explicitly tell it that it should export md5_hex:

use Digest::MD5 qw(md5_hex);

or use the full Digest::MD5::md5_hex name.

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