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I am always deleting blocks of whitespace from code. Instead of ctrl-shift-arrow-keying around, I am looking for a way to delete the current whitespace block under the cursor in eclipse.

e.g. say my code is:

    <macrodef name="execute-step">
        <attribute name="plugins" />
        <attribute name="step" />
        <sequential>   |
            <sleep-if-required sleep-time-property-name="sleep-before-@{step}"/>

(with the pipe "|" being my cursor). It would be nice to hit a shortcut key to pull out that block of whitespace, to give:

    <macrodef name="execute-step">
        <attribute name="plugins" />
        <attribute name="step" />
        <sequential>|<sleep-if-required sleep-time-property-name="sleep-before-@{step}"/>

(Again, pipe "|" shows cursor position after whitespace is removed.)

Any help would be appreciated.

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You could do a control find-replace \n and \s and \t and \r and replace them with nothing in between the two blocks of code. –  apple16 Jun 4 '12 at 0:32
How much Ctrl + Alt + J (join lines) would help you? –  Everton Agner Aug 9 '12 at 4:11

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There is no such functionality in Eclipse itself or in any Eclipse plugin that I'm aware of. However, the one that comes closest would probably be AnyEdit. Its ability to automatically remove whitespace from the ends of lines should take care of the whitespace in front of your cursor in your example. It's open source, so you could always dive into it and add the feature yourself (remember to share it with AnyEdit so the rest of us benefit, too!).

If that's not your thing, you could easily use a third-party app to invoke the appropriate macro for you to delete the whitespace. If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts, you could try (assuming Windows) something like AutoHotkey, or, if you prefer using your mouse, one of my favourite apps ever (too bad its Ubuntu equivalents aren't anywhere near as good!) is StrokeIt, which lets you use custom mouse gestures to do... well, just about anything.

If memory serves, the macro you're looking for should be something like this:

End, (Ctrl+Shift+Right) x3, Del

to move to the end of the line (the end doesn't include whitespace iirc) and then select until the end of the line, then include the line break, and then the whitespace up until the start of the next line. You may have to adjust the middle selection bit to suit your circumstances, but hopefully you get the gist of it.

Bind your macro to an available keyboard combination or to a mouse gesture and away you go.

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