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I'm having an issue trying to parallelize a nested loop using OpenMP - it's just demo code for playing around and getting used to.

int* myresults = new int[1000]   
#pragma omp parallel
    #pragma omp for 
    for(int z=0; z<=mainCount;z++)
        results[n++] = myfunc(z,0); //compute something

        for(int i=0;i<=secondCount;i+=5)

My problem is the indexing of my results array. I assume since OpenMP is parallelizing the first for-loop that he is using positions of results[] twice or more because results[n++] will produce undefined behaviour (as it cannot be assured that n is incremented right), am I correct?

How can I correctly index and store my results?

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n is incremented once for myfunc(z,0) and 1 + secondCount/5 times for myfunc(z,i). This means that n should be z * (2 + secondCount/5) at the beginning of each iteration of the outer loop. You should rewrite your code like this:

#pragma omp parallel for private(n)
for (int z = 0; z <= mainCount; z++)
    n = z * (2 + secondCount/5);

    results[n++] = myfunc(z, 0);

    for (int i = 0; i <= secondCount; i += 5)
        results[n++] = myfunc(z, i);
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Worked for me. Thank you very much –  user1356695 Jun 4 '12 at 12:11

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