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I am wondering there is a way to create sub-tasks automatically when issue created.

For example, I create a custom Standard Issue Type, XXX, and Sub-tasks Issue Type YYY and ZZZ. When I create a issue with type XXX, then two sub-tasks with respective issue type YYY and ZZZ will be created automatically.

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You could so this easily using Jira Scripting Suite by using post function on issue creation transition on the project's workflow. Sample code:

from com.atlassian.jira.util import ImportUtils
from com.atlassian.jira import ManagerFactory
from com.atlassian.jira.issue import MutableIssue
from com.atlassian.jira import ComponentManager
from com.atlassian.jira.issue.link import DefaultIssueLinkManager
from org.ofbiz.core.entity import GenericValue;

# get issue objects
issueManager = ComponentManager.getInstance().getIssueManager()
issueFactory = ComponentManager.getInstance().getIssueFactory()
authenticationContext = ComponentManager.getInstance().getJiraAuthenticationContext()
subTaskManager = ComponentManager.getInstance().getSubTaskManager();
issueLinkManager = ComponentManager.getInstance().getIssueLinkManager()
customFieldManager = ComponentManager.getInstance().getCustomFieldManager()
userUtil = ComponentManager.getInstance().getUserUtil()

# define subtask
issueObject = issueFactory.getIssue()
issueObject.setIssueTypeId("5") # normal subtask

# set subtask attributes
issueObject.setSummary("Auto created sub task- "+issue.getSummary())

# Create subtask on JIRA 4.x
# subTask = issueManager.createIssue(authenticationContext.getUser(), issueObject)
# subTaskManager.createSubTaskIssueLink(issue.getGenericValue(), subTask, authenticationContext.getUser())

# Create subtask on JIRA 5 and higher
subTask = issueManager.createIssueObject(authenticationContext.getLoggedInUser(), issueObject)
subTaskManager.createSubTaskIssueLink(issue, subTask, authenticationContext.getLoggedInUser())

# Link parent issue to subtask   issueLinkManager.createIssueLink(issue.getId(),issueObject.getId(),10300,1,authenticationContext.getUser())

# Update search indexes
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Had an com.atlassian.jira.exception.CreateException until uncommented the line with setIssueType. –  Nakilon Aug 29 '12 at 10:50
@Nakilonless thanks! fixed.. –  Kuf Aug 29 '12 at 11:25

JIRA Create On Transition - is a paid plugin that simply adds another transition in post functions. 'Create sub-task on transition' is the one you are asking for.

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Not free now, but well-priced for the functionality –  mdoar Mar 28 '13 at 17:35

One thing to consider is what happens if the parent issue is closed before all the subtasks are closed. I would recommend putting in a hook to prompt the user to address all the subtasks before closing the issue.

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I found an easy solution using the add-on Script Runner - http://isolasoftware.it/2014/01/08/create-an-issue-in-jira-with-predefined-sub-tasks/.

You don't have to write any code but just setup the Post Function "Create a sub-task" in the Workflow editor.

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Just create a ticket called "template" (with all the necessary subtasks) and copy/clone it whenever creating new instances.

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