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Where do you put non-controller, non-model code, like util classes, extension methods and so on in a ASP.Net MVC project? Maybe there's not a specific place to put it, you just put it anywhere, if so, any recommendation? Any best practices?

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if it's a single class i put them in a "Library" folder on the project root. If it's a bit bigger I use a specific folder and if it's something more complex i create a new project in the same solution.

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What would the benefits be with adding a new project instead of folder in the current project? –  Arne Evertsson Nov 28 '13 at 9:49

According to the Kigg Sample MVC web project (You can get it from the official ASP.net), they put extension utility classes with a subfolder under root.

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Good references for ASP.NET MVC Best Practice



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They are interesting posts, but I can't really find the answer to my question there. –  Pablo Jul 6 '09 at 17:21

My recommendation is to put them where they are used most. So if it is the controller that uses them put it with the controller, and so on.

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